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Foundations Functional Medicine is located inside Magnolia Grove, a Spa & Wellness Collective. The space is a unique opportunity for all who visit, with massage, yoga, beauty services, peaceful lounge spaces, cold press juice, and organic smoothies. There’s something for everyone!

Common Conditions


There are many layers beyond “TSH” for assessing the thyroid in full. The functional approach looks into each of these layers to ensure that the total thyroid cascade is understood. Many people can have hypothyroid symptoms from a downstream cause and show normal TSH and T4! This is commonly affected by the gut or even detoxification or inflammatory issues causing indirect hypothyroid symptoms.


Most hormone issues are caused by other, non-hormonal imbalances. Simply addressing the end result of a hormonal symptom is missing the true root cause of the reason the imbalance is there in the first place. Many people confuse fixing the problem with masking the symptom, which is often done with hormonal birth control. Dr. Kathryn assesses deeper to get to the reasons why these imbalances are present to address the underlying problem.

Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune disease is an increasingly common concern, especially among females. The functional approach asks “why” the immune system has become confused on friend vs foe in the first place. By removing individual triggers of autoimmunity, restoring balance to the immune system, and providing the body with healing tools, Dr. Kathryn helps many with autoimmune disease find restored quality of life. 

Gastrointestinal conditions

From IBS to IBD, gut issues are rampant and often a frustrating part of one’s life. The functional approach uses a comprehensive evaluation to determine what imbalances are causing the symptoms and helps to restore a healthy gut environment.

Skin conditions

Dr. Kathryn sees many with skin concerns such as psoriasis, eczema, hives, rashes, and more! The skin is often directly connected to the gut, sources of inflammation, and other imbalances within the internal body. By digging into the potential root cause, the functional approach is able to help the skin heal from the inside out. 


Most blood sugar imbalances are a direct reflection of multi-system imbalances, resulting in compensation responses that look like what most see as just a “blood sugar problem.” By understanding the individual’s reason for why this is occuring, Dr. Kathryn is able to help significantly improve blood sugar concerns from the source!

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Mike Prince
i have nowvlost 45 lbs. in 9 months. I am also able to maintain my new weight level easily, and feel empowered to make a few focused adjustments at anytime and lower my new weight level at will. When I started coming to you my gout was cycling from one flare up to the next with almost no break between them. fast forward to today pain free. No meds. If I eat lots of sweets and other inflammatory foods for several days in a row I may have a mild fare (not nearly as bad as the old ones) but as soon as I straighten my eating up it goes away quickly. Thanks for giving me the tools I need to control my diet and health. I cant tell you how many people I have told they should contact you.
Tonya Clark
Dr Kathryn was wonderful at making sense of my Dutch Test and giving me actionable steps to help heal my hormones and nervous system. She took time and gave me thoughtful follow up emails so I could remember everything we discussed. Highly recommend!
Amy Cain
I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Dr. Heidt over the past 18 months. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping her patients get to the root of their issues. Key word is "root". Over the last 25 years I have had some minor health concerns and thought I liked how my physicians were treating me but now I see they were just treating symptoms and not addressing the root problem. I have seen great results from the work of Dr. Heidt and appreciate her more than she will ever know. It's worth the investment!
Mary Wilhelm
Dr. Heidt understands that in order to heal the human body, you have to find the root cause of the issue and not just treat the symptoms. She is GREAT at helping the patient find those root causes! I so wish all medical doctors understood this concept.
Todd Wilhelm
In spite of an extremely difficult work schedule on my end, Dr. Heidt has gone above what is expected of a physician in order to ensure I'm able to meet with her. She is prompt in her response time whenever I've had further questions or concerns.
mike cannon
The one phone call I’ve had so far was the best medical experience I’ve ever had
Regina Clayton
Seeing Dr. Kathryn was not based on feeling bad, but on ensuring my health in the future. Our meetings have been very eye opening. Tests ordered go far beyond a traditional MD to find out why. I feel so very grateful to have found her. Every person can benefit from Dr. K's services. If you're looking for a great Dr that gets to the bottom of the issue, call Dr. K.
Carlee Wagner
Dr. Heidt is smart, compassionate, and driven to find answers fo her clients. Throughout my entire journey she never let me feel or be alone and answered all questions with evidence backed answers. When curveballs came our way, she navigated them with quick answers and next steps. I feel very fortunate to have found her and for her to be supporting me on the way to feeling my best!
Naomi Klingler
Dr. Kathryn is an amazing resource for getting answers to all of your “why” questions. She is so insightful with all of her knowledge she provides during a session and proves that she cares! I struggled for so long finding a doctor who would provide answers to my deep routed questions. Not only does she provide her suggestions for supplements but she also addresses diet, stress, etc while giving you the tools to better your life. Thank you Dr. Kathryn!
Taylor Herrero
Dr. Heidt takes and individual, wholistic approach to medicine. This is not a one size fits all or even one size fits most practice. She takes the time to dig deep into your labs, experience, habits and then tries to tell one whole story about what may be going on and provide a path to fix it. No quick fixes to mask symptoms—she cares about finding the root cause and healing from there. Would highly recommend working with her, even just taking a one of her courses to increase your understanding of your own body.

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Option 1: Detoxify your diet! This is a 4-part video guided course on how to identify and personalize your dietary needs. As a bonus, you will receive Dr. Kathryn's 21-day meal planning guide, yours free! Click here

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